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4 Showrooms Across the GTA | Delivery & Installation Available
2024 BBQ Trends for Ontario's Grill Masters

2024 BBQ Trends for Ontario's Grill Masters

As the heat of summer 2024 is officially upon us, it’s time to look at the top 2024 BBQ trends. This year, we’re seeing diversity in how people BBQ at home and also in the cuisines they’re recreating. Home cooking itself is becoming more popular, with families choosing to invest in their indoor and outdoor kitchens to minimize food spend outside of the home. Read on to learn about the trends we’re seeing this year and how you can implement them in your BBQing this summer!

Get Your Greens

As many families are working to reduce their meat consumption, grilling vegetables has become a great way to get your grill on without meat. One challenge in increasing your veggie consumption is that chopped veggies and other small items can easily slip through BBQ grates, so adding accessories like the Napoleon Stainless Steel Topper makes grilling them a breeze. Grilled vegetables offer incredible textures and flavours, and are great on their own or as sides. To grill to perfection, lightly coat your veggies in oil, which will reduce the chance of them drying out. Don’t use too much, or else you can end up with a greasy mess. To get them cooked all the way through, sear them on a high heat first, and then move them to a cooler part of the grill to finish cooking all the way through!

High Tech Trends

As technology progresses across industries, we’re starting to see technological advances in BBQs and BBQ accessories. Smart appliances are becoming more common in indoor kitchens, including fridges that can detect temperature changes, and communicate information via an app on your phone.

In the BBQ space, high tech temperature regulators are becoming more common. For Big Green Egg owners, the EGG Genius is a handy tool that remotely controls the temperature of your EGG through your phone or computer. It will tell you whether your temperature is too low or high, and sends an alert when your food is cooked!

Regardless of what BBQ you use, a meat thermometer is a must, and the MEATER+ is the best in the business. This wireless thermometer has a range of 165 ft, and allows you to monitor the temperature of your meat from anywhere in your home via the app. 

Looking for an even more high tech option? The Traeger Timberline Wood Pellet Grill has built in WiFIRE® Technology, which allows you to control your grill from anywhere in your home or backyard! This wood pellet grill is highly customizable and will allow you to cook, BBQ, and roast almost anything, and kicks off our next 2024 BBQ trend.

The Rise of Pellet Grills and Smokers

2024 BBQ trends have pellet grills and smokers continuing to rise in popularity. Pellet grills like the Traeger PRO 780 Wood Pellet Grill are used to smoke, grill, bake, and braise just like a gas grill, but take all the guesswork out by automatically adjusting the temperature of your grill. You can host a BBQ party and enjoy spending time with your guests, without needing to stand over the grill. The Traeger PRO 780 combines high tech features with the classic style of pellet grill, giving you two of the top five 2024 BBQ trends in one! 

Smokers are a BBQ essential for every meat-lover, as the meat sits next to the heat source instead of on top of it, which gives a smokier flavour and a tender texture to all kinds of meat. If you already have your dream BBQ set up, consider adding a smoker box, like the Napoleon Stainless Steel Smoker Box. This smoker gives all the features of a stand alone smoker without adding another item to your deck!

Trending Cuisine

Korean BBQ has been taking the world by storm, with high end Korean BBQ restaurants opening up across Toronto and the GTA, intriguing Ontario’s grill masters. With this delicious cuisine’s rise in popularity, people are clamoring to experience Korean BBQ at home. Korean BBQ boasts cuts of tender beef and pork with a variety of delicious sauces like gochujang. These savoury and sweet sauces are the main differentiator from North American BBQing, which often relies on a smokier flavour. Because Korean BBQ relies heavily on transferring delicious pieces of meat to your plate, and having an assortment of toppings like kimchi, a great set of tongs for the table is a must. You can’t beat Eno’s Thin Stainless Steel Tongs, which make picking up small, delicate toppings in your Korean BBQ station a breeze.

Invest in your Outdoor Kitchen

Regardless of whether you stick to the basics of BBQing or have every BBQ tool in the book, people are continuing to expand their living space by creating dedicated outdoor kitchens. These kitchens can include pizza ovens, fire pits, and state of the art BBQ’s, or one great BBQ with fantastic accessories. If you’re thinking about investing in your outdoor cooking space, come into one of our showrooms today to talk to one of our experts! We offer a full outdoor kitchen design and build service, customized to your home and wish list. 

2024 and Beyond

The 2024 BBQ trends are here to stay, with investing in the way you eat at home the top priority for many families today. Exploring a variety of new ways to make at-home cooking and grilling stay exciting will always be a great way to invest your time, so why not add one or more of these 2024 BBQ trends to your arsenal of BBQ tools. Looking for more ways to spice up your BBQing this summer? Check out our article on setting up the perfect alfresco dining area in your own backyard. Visit one of our showrooms today, or explore our wide selection of BBQs and accessories online

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