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4 Showrooms Across the GTA | Delivery & Installation Available
4 Showrooms Across the GTA | Delivery & Installation Available
Living room with Electric Fireplace

Spark Your Spring: The Allure of Electric Fireplaces

If you are in the market to add a fireplace to your home, you may have noticed an increase of electric options available in showrooms across Canada. There are a variety of reasons why homeowners are choosing to install electric fireplaces. Read on to learn about the features of going electric, and some fireplace options we think you’ll love. 

Electric Fireplaces Put Safety First

Electric fireplaces’s faux wood and flame effects offer the warm and cozy aesthetic without any of the risk of an open flame. With no exposed hot surfaces, electric fireplaces can be a great option for homes with young kids. We love the Napoleon Woodland 27 Electric Log Set. This plug and play piece never gets hot enough to burn, but its LED lights give off a real glow effect. 

Keep it Clean

For most electric fireplaces, keeping them clean and well maintained is as simple as vacuuming everyday dust from the area, and wiping the glass surround with regular glass cleaner. For those with a busy household, the simple maintenance electric fireplaces require is not to be discounted in your purchasing decision. The Napoleon Cineview Electric Fireplace insert offers logs and glass media in one box, making this a classy and easy to clean option for your home.

At the Flip of a Switch

For many homeowners, the convenience of simply flipping a switch or even pushing a button on a remote is enough of a reason to choose electric. Looking for even more luxury? Options like the Napoleon Stylus Cara Elite Fireplace connect to your Google Home or Alexa. This fireplace even has a digital display to show you the current weather, bringing modern convenience directly to your living room.

All the Fun, Without the Heat

Electric fireplaces offer an even heat source, which can help you control the temperature of the room. Some electric fireplaces even offer a heat free setting, so if you’re looking for all the ambiance with none of the warmth, these designs can be a fantastic option. This Napoleon Element Built-In Electric Fireplace offers a traditional log feel that gives off a rustic look that can be used with or without heat. With the heat on, it’s powerful enough to heat a large space. With the heat off this is a great option to enhance a room year round. 

Electric Fireplace Designs that Fit Your Home

For many homeowners, the ability to choose an electric fireplace that comes in non-traditional shapes and designs is crucial, and is a great benefit of electric fireplaces. Not only does their shape make them versatile, but because they don't have the same clearance and exhaust requirements of other fireplaces, they can be put in most rooms. The versatility of design options allows you to select the perfect addition to your home’s existing style. Napoleon offers two sizes of their modern Allure Vertical Fireplace, which has 6 side accent light colour options, allowing you to customize the fireplace to your exact decor. 

Sit Back and Enjoy

An electric fireplace is a fantastic way to add ambiance to any room in your home. With so many different sizes, designs, and high tech options on the marketplace today, you can’t go wrong with stopping by one of our showrooms in Ajax, Scarborough, Toronto, or Whitby to explore the options available to you. Whether you go classic or modern, there is an electric fireplace for your home and needs, so sit back, flip the switch, and enjoy (heat on or off, your choice)!
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