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4 Showrooms Across the GTA | Delivery & Installation Available
4 Showrooms Across the GTA | Delivery & Installation Available
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The Rise of ENO Planchas: A Hot Trend in Outdoor Cuisine

We have a new addition to the bustling Classic Fireplace inventory: ENO planchas and accessories. You can find both in our digital store and at our showrooms in Toronto, Scarborough, Ajax, and Whitby. However, we’d like to provide a proper introduction. We’ll explain what planchas are, their benefits, as well as who ENO are and why their planchas have been immediately popular hot trend for outdoor kitchens.

What is a plancha?

A plancha is a flat metal cooking surface. Its name comes from Spanish plancha, meaning iron or a metal slab. As a result it is often compared to or even called a type of griddle. But a plancha is different from the typical griddle for a few reasons. First, a plancha reaches much higher temperatures. Griddles typically max out at about 550℉, but Eno planchas reach up to 800℉. Heat dispersal is also different in a plancha. Griddles and grills that try to evenly spread the heat, while planchas are designed to concentrate heat over the element(s). This provides new cooking options not possible on a typical griddle.

Benefits of a Plancha

We’ve already hinted at some of the benefits of cooking in your outdoor kitchen with a plancha, but we’ll explain why its unique qualities provide unique cooking benefits over a grill or griddle.

The Perfect Sear

A plancha’s extreme heat provides a perfect sear on meat or vegetables. This is not just because of the heat around the burner. The heat is high enough to cause the Leidenfrost effect. This is a physical reaction that occurs when water touches a surface whose temperature is significantly hotter. Some water immediately vaporizes into steam and creates an insulating layer that the liquid water bounces on. It’s the same effect if you’ve ever thrown water into a hot pan and watched the drops float around. For food, the Leidenfrost effect on a plancha spreads heat more evenly to create an even sear.

Cooking Control

The concentration of heat over the burners allows for excellent cooking control on a plancha. While the area directly above the burner can be used for getting the perfect sear, areas farther from the burner allow for slower cooking or keeping the food warm. It can be comparable to cooking with a wok, where temperature is specifically concentrated for better control. ENO’s larger models, such as the Bergerac 2400 and Bergerac 3000 have 2 and 3 burners respectively. This allows for even more varying temperature control to cook every cut of meat and vegetable perfectly over burners with different heat levels. 

Easy to Clean

Planchas are typically made with a non-stick coating. ENO uses a non-stick enamel layer. Along with the extreme heat, this makes a plancha easy to clean since food rarely sticks to the surface. ENO planchas also feature anti-splash rims and a channel to catch juices, making cleaning even easier. 

What and Who are ENO?

Eno is a company with a long legacy of making quality cooking products. The company was founded in Riven France in 1909 with a foundry that made cast iron pans and stoves. Since then, the company has focused on cooking equipment for boats and its high-quality planchas made with the same sturdy cast iron that has defined their company for over a century. While they have been exporting their products since the 1920s, La Plancha first arrived in North America ten years ago in 2014. Their planchas and built-in modules have made them an excellent choice for any outdoor kitchen design.

Bringing ENO Planchas Home

You should now have a good idea of what sets planchas and ENO apart from a standard griddle. They’re the perfect cooking surface for any outdoor kitchen or cooking area. If you’re ready to bring an ENO plancha home, you can find the perfect one at our showrooms or on our digital store. There you’ll also find the accessories and modules to create the perfect plancha experience for your home. If you’re looking to design a full outdoor kitchen, be sure to check out some of our other blogs on outdoor living and contact us!

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